St. Isaac’s Cathedral (~ 1 km)


All the grandeur of St. Petersburg is reflected in the greatness of its architecture and the St. Isaac’s Cathedral by the right takes one of the first places in architectural ensemble of the city. A start of the cathedral dates back to 1706 when a small wooden church appeared near the Neva river.

Later the cathedral was rebuilt several times and in the long run the fourth and final version appeared in the St. Isaac’s square in 1858 as the main cathedral of St. Petersburg. The cathedral is richly decorated combining effective bas-relieves on facades of the cathedral with sculptures of apostles on the top, monumental columns that still have damages from the past war of the mid XX century and rich interior.

There is an opinion among the native citizens of St. Petersburg that before going sightseeing it is worth to climb up to the colonnade of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city.


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